Villanelle Anthology


An anthology of poetry to be edited by Marilyn L.Taylor and James P. Roberts
and scheduled to be published by Kelsay Books. 
We are looking for poems about the things—people, scenery, lost puppies
and cockatoos, rogue planets and shady vampires, used car salesmen
and Hollywood actresses—that you love
All poems must be in a traditional villanelle format—
with allowances for minor creative variations. 
In fact, we want you to be creative. 
If you send us a villanelle about your lovable cat, dog
(or cockatoo), it had better be good!
If you are not sure what comprises a villanelle, here is a helpful description: 
A villanelle is a nineteen-line poetic form featuring a strict pattern of repetition
and rhyme. Each villanelle is comprised of five three-line stanzas,
followed by one four-line stanza. Only two rhymes occur in the entire poem. 
It’s way easier than it sounds!  
For all the details, click here.
Send up to 3 poems. 
Previously published poems okay. 
Include a short bio of 30 words or less in cover letter. 
All submissions must be made online at 
Payment is 2 copies of the anthology. 
Reading period opens August 15th and closes September 30th.
No submissions will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. September 30th.