Poetry Month: New moon, new books, events, awards and more!



Are you participating in Escapril? Tag us @karenkelsaydavies in your poem-a-day posts if so, we love to share our authors’ inspiration! Plus, this National Poetry Month update has an exciting reading to announce for our Pennsylvania poets, hosted at Newtown Bookshop, on May 14 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. You’re invited to join new and beloved poets at our reading, featuring not-yet-released poems from Cheryl Baldi, guest reader Charlotte Innes from Los Angeles, and four more local readers. See the flyer below and kelsaybooks.com to get to know each poet. That weekend, we’ll be back at our fave Parkside Lounge in NYC for an open mic on May 18!
More urgently, if you are in the path of totality on this eclipse day, what better opportunity to get inspired by the moon. What’s your take on moon poems? Cliche or not, all it takes is a writer’s mastery of style to pull any subject matter off. So please continue taking creative risks and sharing your wins whenever possible, we're so happy to blog about the fabulous work you are doing and to wish our readers a happy National Poetry Month! Whatever you do, don’t look directly at the sun. Do look directly at the poetry collections no celestial event can outshine, by the poets we are celebrating this month and every month. Let us know your thoughts on moon poems in the comments, too.
The most recent reading I went to took place at a beautiful downtown Chicago venue, produced by Luya, subtiled ‘poetry for the people,’ featuring masters of many forms and styles. It was so beautiful and I hope you all have a chance to experience this moving sense of being present with community at Kelsay Books readings, too. Maybe in the future it would be cool to host a reading at a similar space. Coming up in May, we are looking forward to meeting in Pennsylvania with beloved KB poets and poetry readers, who may look no further than Newtown for an independent bookshop of choice....

Upcoming Events

Kelsay Books invites you to join us
Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00 p.m. 
for a poetry reading at Newtown Bookshop
New Address: 2120 S. Eagle Road Newtown, PA 18940
In New Jersey, Ann E. Wallace will launch Days of Grace and Silence on April 12

Days of Grace & Silence Book Release
Friday, April 12, 6:30-8:30pm
Art House Productions
345 Marin Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ
Event details and RSVP here
Admission is free & open to the public
Books will be available for purchase
New Yorkers, we didn’t forget about you! KB will be back at the Parkside Lounge on May 18th for an open mic, details below—

Poetic Excellence

This National Poetry Month we are especially honored to acknowledge independent authors, debut authors, seasoned poets, and celebrated cover designs published with Kelsay Books. Check out last month’s blog for a Reel of many of our Eric Hoffer Award nominees, covers designed by Shay Culligan. Look no further for book awards, reviews, readings, and interviews with KB poets. Congratulations to all!


Athar C. Pavis won the Independent Press Award for Pulled Pork in Paris

Winner: Distinguished Favorite Award

Jane Muschenetz won the San Diego Writers Festival Poetry Collection of the Year award for All The Bad Girls Wear Russian Accentsï»ż; Muschenetz also featured in the San Diego Public Library’s Local Author Showcase.

Poetry Collection of the Year: All The Bad Girls Wear Russian Accents by Jane Muschenetz 

San Diego Writers Festival published an interview with Muschenetz as part of the 2024 Poetry Collection of the Year Prize

All The Bad Girls also won First Place in the 2024 Communications Awards from California Press Women in the Creative Verse category and moved on to Nationals for consideration


Kelsay Books authors have stayed in the press! We have tons of reviews to feature this month; click on the cover image for the link to read them.

 Echoes in My Eyes by Kelly Sargent in The Wise Owl

The Way To The River by Shutta Crum in Mom Egg Review

 Meet Me Out There by Shutta Crum in Quill & Parchment

In The Panhandle by Reagan Upshaw in Quadrant

 What Do You Mean When You Say Green? by Lori Levy in Quill & Parchment

All The Bad Girls Wear Russian Accents by Jane Muschenetz in East County Magazine

For The Future of Girls by Lisa Grunberger in Mom Egg Review

 Human Nature: Poems of Witness by Albert DeGenova in Door County Pulse


If It Comes To That by Marc Frazier in As It Ought To Be Magazine

 Seringo by Charles Weld in Central Maine web magazine

Metes and Bounds by Jane Blanchard in Amsterdam Quarterly



Rose Mary Boehm spoke to One Minnesota Crone aboutÂ ï»żLife Stuff

Jane Muschenetz appeared on The Meat for Teacast for an interview

ï»żJoanne Durham read fromÂ ï»żOn Shifting ShoalsÂ ï»żfor Poets on Poetry



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