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Karen Kelsay published my fourth book of poems, which was for me a particularly personal one since its fifty-one sonnets, taken as a whole, detailed my father's life and his descent into age-related dementia. Karen was absolutely lovely to work with. Her personal, and incredibly prompt responses, to my questions and concerns was something I hadn't experienced before, and although she was also working on other books simultaneously, I always had the impression that my book was just as important to her as it was to me. She allowed me to use a series of black and white photographs inside the book, as well as enthusiastically signing off on a personal photo of my father and me for the cover. On her website Karen promises to respond to manuscripts within seven days, and if she accepts your manuscript, to bring your book out in less than five months. I sent her my manuscript on December 10th, 2012, she sent me an acceptance and a copy of the contract onDecember 15th, and my book was in print and available for sale by March 25th, 2013! And it isn't just any book. It's a beautifully-produced, thoughtfully-designed book I'm proud to sell at readings.

I hope to meet Karen some day because she seems like someone I've already sat down with to talk about things that matter. She's remarkable, and not the least because she is also an award-winning poet herself who understands the frustrations and impediments that accompany the writing and publishing life.

Myrna Stone

Working with Karen Kelsay at White Violet Press was such a joy. She was meticulous, passionate, prompt, and upbeat: all qualities I greatly admire. She knows what people like to read, and she knows the business. Because of her experience as an editor of an online journal, she knew the communities beforehand, and brought these communities with her into book publishing. Also, given the VIDA numbers, it is important to have strong editors of both genders shaping the course of the publishing future, and Karen Kelsay is certainly the future.

Kim Bridgford

Working with Karen Kelsay on my book, Hobble Creek Almanac, was a wonderful and refreshing experience. Karen is a straight shooter and open about her expectations and process. There were no surprises, other than to be delighted with the pace and results of the final product. I have worked with many editors over the course of my writing career and I must say Karen is at the top of my list for providing me with a pleasurable experience. From a swift response following my initial submission, to Karen's incredible work ethic, and receiving my product, everything went as advertised and agreed upon. Karen cares about the work and doing her best to satisfy the expectations of the writer. She looks at the production of a book as collaboration, which makes the birthing process from manuscript to book quite pleasurable. I can't say what the future holds for me or my writing, but I would hope it would include working with Karen again.

Justin Evans

Karen has published two chapbooks for me -- Zero Gravitas (White Violet Press, 2012) and ALPHABETRICKS (Daffydowndilly Press, 2013) and both times she was a delight to work with– remarkably speedy, patient, helpful, and professional. With the first cover, she designed it beautifully; with the second, by my request, she let me design it. Authors have lots of input into layout and design; you won't feel "steamrolled" into accepting the first design proof. As always, authors should be very careful with proofreading.

Karen helped with PR by getting the word out on Facebook and by landing me a spot on the First Books Panel at the West Chester (PA) Poetry Conference. She's terrific!

Barbara Lydecker Crane

Working with Karen Kelsay was a seamless pleasure. She is a serious poet and knows instinctively what matters to other poets. She understands that typeface and layout can make or break a poem. Her high standards work to fulfil the intentions of the poet. She loves to make things and her books bear witness to this love of craftmanship. I greatly appreciated her patience and tolerance.

Janet Kenny

My first full-length book of poems, The Cone of Uncertainty, was published in March 2018 by Aldrich Press at Kelsay Books.    I am so pleased with the book and have received many compliments on its design.  Karen Kelsay was wonderful to work with.  Beginning with the speedy response time (within two weeks) after my manuscript submission, through the design, editing, and proofreading, Karen was prompt and helpful in responding along the way.  Each step in the process is clearly spelled out, and Karen was available to answer any questions.  She was especially supportive and helpful in the end with a delayed shipment of books I needed for a book launch.  She went into action and managed to get what I needed in time for the event.  For many writers, publication is a daunting prospect.  Karen makes it manageable and positive.

Lucile Burt

"It was a genuine pleasure to work with Karen Kelsay and her White Violet Press on my book Steel Masks. Her meticulous attention to detail, her quick response to inquiries, and her overall professionalism combined with a sure sense of design produced a book that I was proud to call my own. Kelsay did all that I asked, and made suggestions that were both sensible and helpful. I recommend her and the White Violet Press without hesitation."
Joseph S. Salemi - Editor, TRINACRIA

Joseph S. Salemi

Finding a publisher for your first book of poetry can be a daunting challenge. Fortunately, there’s Kelsay Books, a small press willing to work with mid-career poets to find a larger audience. One of the most frustrating things is the often long wait time it takes for a publisher to respond. Kelsay Books has reduced this wait time to one week. Though my book wasn’t supposed to be published until December, I was pleasantly surprised when it came out ahead of schedule in August. From start to finish, my experience was smooth and hassle free, and I found Karen Kelsay professional and easy-going, quick to respond to any of my concerns. From a simple photograph, she produced an elegant cover that I am proud to display. The interior is clear and readable, in a format inviting to readers. I couldn’t be more pleased with my first book of poetry. Gene Twaronite, Author of Trash Picker on Mars

Gene Twaronite

When my chapbook was accepted for publication by Aldrich Press, I was at once happy and apprehensive. It was, as they say, my first dance with a publisher. I was both afraid of stepping on and being stepped upon. As it turned out, the process was amazingly smooth. Expectations were clear, the process outlined, and followed.

My first book, Driving Home, arrived before schedule. The quality of its cover, format and design have brought both praise and envy from my fellows. Without reservation, I encourage those fortunate enough to be accepted by Karen Kelsay's company, to go forward with pride and assurance.

Jim Gustafson