Award Winning Books

These poems traverse landscapes, inner and outer: physical landscapes and metaphysical ones; the landscape of relationships; the landscape of age, from childhood to maturity; and the questing landscape that leads to new understandings.


Joy Gaines-Friedler ~ Capture Theory
Edward Hoffer da Vinci Eye Award Finalist
Foreword Review Indies Press Best Book of 2018 Award Finalist

An intimate study of orbiting forces: beauty, loss, aging, love. We are scarred with the truth that our “lost ones follow us” and, “what we think we are holding, actually holds us.” We are reminded that the body – as a core of all experience – is like a night blooming flower, or a bird, “the color of darkness trying to escape.” These poems are preoccupied with justice and reconciliation. They show justice as a kind of a vital force, like a “conduit of seed”.


Karen Paul Holmes ~ Untying the Knot
"Rug" - Top 10 Red Poems, tweetspeak poetry
"Waking Without Alarm" - Top 10 Tea Poems, tweetspeak poetry


Marianne Smith Johnson ~ Tender Collisions
Geisel Award Finalist 2017
San Diego Book Award Best Published Poetry 2017