Alabaster Leaves Publishing

Chapbooks under 50 pages~ please submit no more than 38 pages of poetry~ no reading fee.

Please include your name and address in a cover letter. Please make sure to include an email address with your information.

We require half of the poems in the manuscript to have been published in magazines and journals. (Your own blog or self-published book does not count as being published.)

Please include the title, acknowledgment page with the acknowledgments for poems previously published,  the dedication, your poetry, and your biography, in that order. Put all of it into a one-word document and attach it to your emails with a cover letter. Please do not send a PDF.
Please use 12 point Times New Roman font.  Do not use all capital letters in your titles and headings.

We will respond to your manuscript within fourteen days. 

The manuscript must be previously unpublished in book form.

All submissions should be accessible to a general audience; we do not publish intentionally obscure writing. We do not publish poetry that contains religious rants, pornographic stories. Please avoid using offensive language.

Books retail at $14.00, they have an ISBN, and we list them at Amazon.

To view our editorial tastes in poetry, read our online magazine The Orchards. We are drawn to work that relies on robust and fresh imagery and metaphor. We love lyrical poetry. Our tastes are very eclectic; however, we may reject manuscripts with poems that require a unique set up. No experimental poetry, please.

How to submit: type your name in the subject line of your email. Include a brief cover letter in the body of your email, attach your document.

No Reading Fee