Book Reviews on Published Titles

Gae Alexander ~ My Side of the River


Terry Allen ~ Rubber Time

Also by Allen ~ Waiting on the Last Train


Brian Allgar ~ The Ayterzedd

Also by Allgar ~ An Answer from the Past


C.B. Anderson ~ Roots in the Sky, Boots on the Ground: Metaphysical Poems


Nadia Arioli ~ Be Still: Poems for Kay Sage


Catherine Arra ~ Solitude, Tarot & the Corona Blues


Nancy Austin ~ The Turn of the Tiller, The Spill of the Wind


Lana Hechtman Ayers ~ Overtures


Jon Ballard ~ Possible Lives


Alan Balter ~ Melancholia


Mark Belair ~ Running Late

Also by Belair ~ Taking Our Time


Gershon Ben-Avraham ~ God’s Memory


Paul Bernstein ~ What the Owls Know


Bhupender K. Bhardwaj ~ Ebullience & Other Poems


Jane Blanchard ~ Sooner or Later


Laura Bobrow ~ End Game


Mary Ellen Boehm ~ Do Oceans Have Underwater Borders?


Ann Bookman ~ Blood Lines


Paul Buchheit ~ Alice's Adventures ~ A Modern Version of Lewis Carroll's Classic, in Verse

Also by Buchheit ~ Sonnets of Love and Joy


Randal A. Burd, Jr. ~ Memoirs of a Witness Tree


Katerina Canyon ~ Surviving Home


Joseph Kuhn Carey ~ Black Forest Dreams: A Journey Through Germany 


Michael Caylo-Baradi ~ Hotel Pacoima


Catherine Chandler ~ Pointing Home


Patrice Boyer Claeys ~ Lovely Daughter of The Shattering

Also by Claeys ~ The Machinery of Grace


Florence Adams Clark & Carolyn Clark ~ Poet Duet: A Mother & Daughter


DeWitt Clinton ~ At the End of the War


Terese Coe ~ Shot Silk

Also by Coe ~ Why You Can’t Go Home Again


Elizabeth Cohen ~ Wonder Electric


Douglas Cole ~ The Blue Island


Willy Conley ~ The World of White Water


Robert Cooperman ~ A Nighmare on Horseback


Robert Cooperman ~ Reefer Madness


Dale Cottingham ~ Midwest Hymns


Shutta Crum ~ The Way to the River

Also by Crum ~ When You Get Here


Rachel Dacus ~ Gods of Water and Air


Diane Elayne Dees ~ Coronary Truth


Deborah DeNicola ~ The Impossible


Arlene Distler ~ This Earth, This Body


Lynn Domina ~ Inland Sea


Erika Dreifus ~ Birthright


Joanne Durham ~ On Shifting Shoals


Wendy Ford ~ A Frontier Romance “Tiger Bill and Kate”


B. A. France ~ Season’s End


Jennifer Freed ~ When Light Shifts


Randall R. Freisinger ~ Windthrow & Salvage


Amy Strauss Friedman ~ The Eggshell Skull Rule


Peggy Gerber ~ The Big Indignity


Alice Wolf Gibbon ~ Apples & Stones


Ethan Goffman ~ Words for Things Left Unsaid


Paula Goldman ~ Late Love


Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas ~ On the Edge of the Ethereal

Also by Stevenson Grellas ~ Alice in Ruby Slippers


Diane Sahms-Guarnieri ~ The Handheld Mirror of the Mind


Rasma Haidri ~ As If Anything Can Happen


Batnadiv HaKarmi ~ The Love of Mortal Beings


Dane Hamann ~ A Thistle Stuck in the Throat of the Sun


Penny Harter ~ Keeping Time: Haibun for the Journey

Also by Harter ~ Still-Water Days


William Heath ~ Going Places


Diana Henning ~ Camaraderie of the Marvelous


Mary Beth Hines ~ Winter at a Summer House


Karen Paul Holmes ~ Untying the Knot


Tom Holmes ~ Material Matters


Charlotte Innes ~ Descanso Drive


Michael Jennings ~ Summoning the Outlaws


Marianne Smith Johnson ~ Tender Collisions


Jacqueline Jules ~ Manna in the Morning


Julia Kane ~ Paper Bullets


Mary Louise Kiernan ~ The Gift of Glossophobia


Carolynn Kingyens ~ Before the Big Bang Makes a Sound

Also by Kingyens ~ Coupling


Daniel Klawitter ~ Quiet Insurrections


Yasmin Kloth ~ Ancestry Unfinished


Tricia Knoll ~ Checkered Mates


Sharon Waller Knutson ~ What the Clairvoyant Doesn’t Say


David P. Kozinski ~ I Hear It the Way I Want It to Be


Laurie Kuntz ~ Talking Me Off the Roof


Yahia Lababidi ~ Learning to Pray: A Book of Longing


Sandra J. Lindow ~ Chasing Wild Grief


Lorraine Henrie Lins ~ Without the Water


Barbara Loots ~ The Beekeeper and Other Love Poems


Amy Losak ~ Wing Strokes Haiku


Gregory Luce ~ Riffs & Improvisations


Majorie Maddox ~ Inside Out: Poems on Writing and Reading Poems


Dave Malone ~ Tornado Drill


Mary Makofske ~ No Angels


Charlotte Mandel ~ Alive & In Use: Poems in the Japanese Form of Haibun


Rita Maria Martinez ~ The Jane and Bertha in Me


Marc Alan Di Martino ~ Unburial


S.B. Merrow ~ Everyone A Bell


Carole Mertz ~ Color and Line


Nancy Anne Miller ~ Latitude, Longitude

Also by Miller ~ Pink Typewriter


Robert Miss ~ Prospero’s Glove


Miles David Moore ~ Man on Terrace with Wine


Edward Morin ~ The Bold News of Birdcalls


Jane Yevgenia Muschenetz ~ All the Bad Girls Wear Russian Accents


John David Muth ~ Dreams of a Viking Wedding


Sally Nacker ~ Kindness in Winter

Also by Nacker ~ Night Snow


Dr. Anita Nahal ~ Kisses at the espresso bar

Also by Nahal ~ What’s wrong with us Kali women?


Karen Neuberg ~ Pursuit 


Cristina M. R. Norcross ~ Beauty in the Broken Places

Also by Norcross ~ The Sound of a Collective Cross


Larry O’Brien ~ The White Hydrangeas


Chris O’Carroll ~ Abracadabratude

Also by O’Carroll ~ The Joke’s on Me


Mary K. O’Melveny ~ Flight Patterns


Angela Patten ~ The Oriole & the Ovenbird


Lynn Pattison ~ Matryoshka Houses


Andrea Potos ~ Marrow of Summer

Also by Potos ~ Mothershell


Christine Potter ~ Unforgetting


Charles Rammelkamp ~ The Field of Happiness

Also by Rammelkamp ~ Uger Lee


Patrick T. Reardon ~ Darkness on the Face of the Deep


Nancy Richardson ~ Going Home


Janet McMillan Rives ~ Washed by a Summer Rain: Poems from the Desert


Nicole Rollender ~ The Luster of Everything I’m Already Forgetting


Sydell Rosenberg & Amy Losak ~ Wing Strokes Haiku


Menachem Rosenaft ~ Poems Born in Bergen-Belsen


S. Salazar ~ Raíces, Relics, and Other Ghosts


Kelly Samuels ~ All the Time in the World


Rikki Santer ~ Head to Toe of It


Federica Santini ~ Unearthed


Sarah Sarai ~ That Strapless Bra in Heaven

Kelly Sargent ~ Seeing Voices: Poetry in Motion


Nancy Scott ~ A Little Excitement

Also by Scott ~ Midwestern Memories


Carol Smallwood ~ The Illusiveness of Grey


Sarah Dickenson Snyder ~ The Human Contract


J.R. Solonche ~ Around Here

Also by J.R. Solonche ~ The Dreams of the Gods

Also by J.R. Solonche ~ If You Should See Me Walking On the Road


Kris Spencer ~ Life Drawing


Elizabeth Spragins ~ The Language of Bones


Margaret Stawowy ~ Walking Backward

  • Naugatuck River Review (Finalist)
  • Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition (2nd Place)


Donna Baier Stein ~ Letting Rain Have Its Say


Sarah Stern ~ We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune


Lisa Stice ~ Uniform


Judy Swann ~ Fool


Marilyn L. Taylor ~ Outside the Frame


Alarie Tenille ~ Three A.M. at the Museum


Jessica D. Thompson ~ Daybreak and Deep


Pasquale Trozzolo ~ UN/Reconciled


Victoria Twomey ~ Glimpse


Julie Weiss ~ The Places We Empty


Walter Weinschenk ~ The Death of Weinberg: Poems and Stories


Meg Weston ~ Magma Intrusions


Lee Woodman ~ Lifescapes


Anton Yakovlev ~ Ordinary Impalers


Joseph Zaccardi ~ The Weight of Bodily Touches


Andrena Zawinski ~ Landings


Yvonne Zipter ~ The Wordless Lullaby of Crickets