Book Reviews on Published Titles

Gae Alexander ~ My Side of the River
Quill and Parchment

Brian Allgar ~ The AyterzeddAn Answer from the Past
Light Poetry: Summer 2018 (The Ayterzedd)
Light Poetry: Winter 2021 (An Answer from the Past)


C.B. Anderson ~ Roots in the Sky, Boots on the Ground: Metaphysical Poems
The Society of Classical Poets


Nancy Austin ~ The Turn of the Tiller, The Spill of the Wind
Portage Magazine


Alan Balter ~ Melancholia
Highland Park Poetry 


Gershon Ben-Avraham ~ God's Memory
Crafty Green Poet


Jon Ballard ~ Possible Lives
MBR Bookwatch


Mark Belair ~ Running Late
Green Hills Literary Lantern
Lisa Vihos


Mark Belair ~ Taking Our Time
Lisa Vihos


Paul Bernstein ~ What the Owls Know
Midwest Book Review
Third Wednesday Magazine (Reading) 

Bhupender K. Bhardwaj ~ Ebullience & Other Poems
The Galway Review


Laura Bobrow End Game
Light Journal


Mary Ellen Boehm ~ Do Oceans Have Underwater Borders?
Off Course Literary Journal


Ann Bookman ~ Blood Lines


Randal A. Burd, Jr. ~ Memoirs of a Witness Tree  
Bookworm Reviews
The HyperTexts
The Poetry Cafe
The Society of Classical Poets
Chris Rice Cooper Blog
Jama's Alphabet Soup 


Katerina Canyon ~ Surviving Home
Pedestal Magazine 
The Lit Pub 
Savvy Verse & Wit 
Read Black 

Life of a Female Bibliophile


Joseph Kuhn Carey ~ Black Forest Dreams: A Journey Through Germany 
Highland Park Poetry  
Readers' Favourite 
Press Reader 
Reader Views


Chris O’Carroll ~ The Joke’s on Me
Light Poetry Magazine


Michael Caylo-Baradi ~ Hotel Pacoima
Eileen Verbs Books 
The Halo-Halo Review

Catherine Chandler ~ Pointing Home
Mezzo Cammin

Patrice Boyer Claeys ~ Lovely Daughter of The Shattering
Mom Egg Review
RHINO Poetry
trampset                                                                                                                  Reviewer's Bookwatch
Also by Claeys ~ The Machinery of Grace                                                                         Mom Egg Review 
Mom Egg Review: Author's Note
Rhino Poetry                                                                                                            Sundress Publications 

Florence Adams Clark & Carolyn Clark ~ Poet Duet: A Mother & Daughter
Mom Egg Review

DeWitt Clinton ~ At the End of the War
Shepherd Express

Terese Coe ~ Shot Silk
Able Muse
Also by Coe ~ Why You Can't Go Home Again

Light Poetry Magazine


Elizabeth Cohen ~ Wonder Electric
Mom Egg Review


Douglas Cole ~ The Blue Island
Book Goodies Interview


Willy Conley ~ The World of White Water


Robert Cooperman ~ Reefer Madness
North of Oxford

Rachel Dacus ~ Gods of Water and Air
The Pedestal Magazine


Deborah DeNicola ~ The Impossible
The Inflectionist


Erika Dreifus ~ Birthright
Association of Jewish Libraries
Jewish Journal


Wendy Ford ~ A Frontier Romance "Tiger Bill and Kate"
The Clements Bookworm


B. A. France ~ Season's End
Fireflies' Light

Journal of the Haiku Society of America


Jennifer Freed ~ When Light Shifts
Amsterdam Quarterly 
Boston Globe

Randall R. Freisinger ~ Windthrow & Salvage
New Letters: On the Air

Amy Strauss Friedman ~ The Eggshell Skull Rule
Grist Journal
Menacing Hedge

Newcity Lit
Whale Road Review


Alice Wolf Gibbon ~ Apples & Stones
Manchester Journal


Ethan Goffman ~ Words for Things Left Unsaid
EarthTalk / E: The Environmental Magazine
Mad Swirl Review
The Song Is
Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio


Diana Henning ~ Camaraderie of the Marvelous 


Mary Beth Hines ~ Winter at a Summer House


Sharon Waller Knutson ~ What the Clairvoyant Doesn’t Say
Across the Margin

Paula Goldman ~ Late Love
Robert Giron (Blog: April 9, 2020)


Barbara Loots ~ The Beekeeper an Other Love Poems
Light Poetry Magazine 


Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas ~ On the Edge of the Ethereal
Verse Daily 
Alice in Ruby Slippers
Mom Egg Review


Diane Sahms-Guarnieri ~ The Handheld Mirror of the Mind
Northeast Times
The Philadelphia Inquirer


Rasma Haidri ~ As If Anything Can Happen
The Literary Nest 
Erica Goss’s Sticks and Stones


Mary Beth Hines ~ Winter at a Summer House
The Cape Cod Times 
Savvy Verse & Wit 
Necromancy Never Pays 
True Book Addict 
The Book Connection 
Wall-to-Wall Books

Karen Paul Holmes ~ Untying the Knot
Living Above the Frost Line
Stay Thirsty Magazine

The The Poetry
tweetspeak poetry


Tom Holmes ~ Material Matters
Verse Daily

Charlotte Innes ~ Descanso Drive
North of Oxford

Michael Jennings ~ Summoning the Outlaws
Out of Bounds


Marianne Smith Johnson ~ Tender Collisions
Mom Egg Review


Jacqueline Jules ~ Manna in the Morning
Cultural Daily 


Mary Louise Kiernan ~ The Gift of Glossophobia
Chronogram Magazine

Carolynn Kingyens ~  Before the Big Bang Makes a Sound, Coupling
Arts Fuse
Ron Samul, MFA 
Arts Fuse 
Across the Margin


Daniel Klawitter ~ Quiet Insurrections
Rev. Rebecca Writes


David P. Kozinski ~ I Hear It the Way I Want It to Be
North of Oxford


Tricia Knoll ~ Checkered Mates
Highland Park Poetry Review by John Leotta 
Seven Days


Sandra J. Lindow ~ Chasing Wild Grief
Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association


Majorie Maddox ~ Inside Out: Poems on Writing and Reading Poems

Bright Ideas' Consultancy
But Does It Rhyme
David Harrison's Connecting the Dots
Dawn Leas: Pick-Me-Up-Poetry
Glynn Young: Tweetspeak Poetry
Highland Park Poetry Review
Irene Latham: Live Your Poem
Jade Browne (Interview)
Jama's Alphabet Soup
Linda Baie: Teacher Dance
Liz Steinglass: Poetry for Children and Their Grownups
Matt Forrest: Poetry Friday                                   
Mom Egg Review
Mom Egg Review: Author's Note
New Book News
Paul W. Hankins
Pencil Tips and Writing Workshop Strategies
Poetry for Children
PSLA Teaching and Learning: Literature Review
Redheaded Stepchild
Robert Lowes
Skagit River Poetry
Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Unleashing Readers
WPSU Radio: BookMark 
Whale Road Review


Dave Malone ~ Tornado Drill

Charlotte Mandel ~ Alive & In Use: Poems in the Japanese Form of Haibun
Washington Independent Review of Books July 2019 Exemplars

Rita Maria Martinez ~ The Jane and Bertha in Me
The Best Brontë Books of 2018
Bonnets at Dawn podcast

Lay Back and Think of England podcast

Marc Alan Di Martino ~ Unburial
Frontier Poetry: How It's Made


Carole Mertz ~ Color and Line
Bookish Beck
MD Paust
Quill and Parchment


S.B. Merrow ~ Everyone A Bell
Hannah Rousselot
Broadkill Review


Nancy Anne Miller ~ Latitude, Longitude


Robert Miss ~ Prospero's Glove
The Frederick News-Post


Miles David MooreMan on Terrace with Wine
Washington Independent
Savvy Verse & Wit 


Edward Morin ~ The Bold News of Birdcalls
North of Oxford
Highland Park Poetry
Rain Taxi 2021 Volume 48, pp. 57 - 67 
MidAmerica: The Yearbook of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature 2021 Volume 48, pp. 57-67 

John David Muth ~ Dreams of a Viking Wedding
Midwest Book Review


Sally Nacker  ~ Kindness in Winter, Night Snow
Highland Park Poetry (Kindness in Winter)
Quill & Parchment: Featured Poet January 2022

Quill & Parchment (Kindness in Winter)


 Dr. Anita Nahal  ~ What's Wrong With Us Kali Women? 

Setu Mag 
Journal of Expressive Writing Facebook Post

Megna's World 
Confluence (August 2021 Issue) 
Madhumita Sinha Facebook Review
The Statesman 
FemAsia Magazine               
East India Story            
The Pioneer             

 Karen Neuberg ~ Pursuit 
Harbor Review


Cristina M. R. Norcross ~ The Sound of a Collective Cross
Academy of American Poets


Angela Patten ~ The Oriole & the Ovenbird
Seven Days
The Poetry Cafe


Lynn Pattison ~ Matryoshka Houses
The Sundress Blog


Andrea Potos ~ MothershellMarrow of Summer
Escape into Life
Jama's Alphabet Soup (Long Review)

Jama's Alphabet Soup (Short Review) 
Mom Egg Review (Mothershell) 
Jama's Alphabet Soup (Marrow of Summer)  
Mom Egg Review (Marrow of Summer) 
Quill and Parchment (Marrow of Summer)
Tweetspeak (Marrow of Summer) 


Christine Potter ~ Unforgetting


Charles Rammelkamp ~ Ugler Lee, The Field of Happiness
Misfit Magazine
The Lake 
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scheme


Patrick T. Reardon ~ Darkness on the Face of the Deep
Third Coast Review 
At the Inkwell


Nancy Richardson ~ Going Home
Midwest Book Review
Neon Books

Menachem Rosenaft ~ Poems Born in Bergen-Belsen
eJewish Philanthropy

Jewish Journal
World Jewish Congress President's Report
Jewish Book Council                                                                                               
Booklist                                                                                                                  National Catholic Register


Kelly Samuels ~ All the Time in the World
Mom Egg Review
The Shore 


Rikki Santer ~ Head to Toe of It
The Sundress Blog


Federica Santini ~ Unearthed
Spaghetti and Meatball Artist Podcast 
Oveuque Siamo


Sarah Sarai ~ That Strapless Bra in Heaven
Compulsive Reader
Heavy Feather Review
Necromancy Never Pays

Kelly Sargent ~ Seeing Voices: Poetry in Motion
The Poetry Cafe


Nancy Scott ~ Midwestern Memories, A Little Excitement
North of Oxford (A Little Excitement)
California Bookwatch (A Little Excitement)
Wild Goose Poetry Review (Midwestern Memories)


Carol Smallwood  ~ The Illusiveness of Grey
Story Circle


Sarah Dickenson Snyder ~ The Human Contract
Mom Egg Review
Mothers Always Write

J.R. Solonche ~ If You Should See Me Walking On the Road

Elizabeth Spragins ~ The Language of Bones
Free Lance-Star
Gari Melchers Home & Studio
New Pages

Donna Baier Stein ~ Letting Rain Have Its Say
American Book Review

Crab Orchard Review August 2019 (p.12-13)

Sarah Stern ~ We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune
Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb
Compulsive Reader
Riverdale Press
The New York Jewish Week


Lisa Stice ~ Uniform

Military Spouse Book Review – Review by Kathleen M. Rogers
Military Spouse Book Review – Reviews of Wartime Poetry
Mom Egg Review
Red Bull Rising
The Independent Summer Reading List

Judy Swann ~ Fool


Marilyn L. Taylor ~ Outside the Frame
The Lake 


Alarie Tenille ~ Three A.M. at the Museum 
Good Reads
Amazon Reviews


Julie Weiss ~ The Places We Empty
Necromancy Never Pays Blog 
The Rupture


Lee Woodman ~ Lifescapes
The Dressing
Seattle Book Review
Manhattan Book Review 
Broadkill Review 
Portland Book Review
San Francisco Book Review 
Kirkus Review: Fully Booked Podcast (Jan 4th 2022)


Anton Yakovlev ~ Ordinary Impalers
Don Yorty blog
North of Oxford
Schuylkill Valley Journal

Joseph Zaccardi ~ The Weight of Bodily Touches
North of Oxford

Andrena Zawinski ~ Landings
The Los Angeles Review
Vimeo audio
Wombwell Rainbow interview