Book Reviews on Published Titles

Bhupender K. Bhardwaj ~ Ebullience & Other Poems
The Galway Review

Chris O’Carroll ~ The Joke’s on Me
Light Poetry Magazine

Catherine Chandler ~ Pointing Home
Mezzo Cammin

Patrice Boyer Claeys ~ Lovely Daughter of The Shattering
Mom Egg Review

DeWitt Clinton ~ At the End of the War
Shepherd Express

Terese Coe ~ Shot Silk
Able Muse
Also by Coe ~ Why You Can't Go Home Again
Light Poetry Magazine

Rachel Dacus ~ Gods of Water and Air
The Pedestal Magazine

Amy Strauss Friedman ~ The Eggshell Skull Rule
Grist Journal
Menacing Hedge
Newcity Lit
Whale Road Review

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri ~ The Handheld Mirror of the Mind
Northeast Times
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Karen Paul Holmes ~ Untying the Knot
Living Above the Frost Line
Stay Thirsty Magazine
The The Poetry
tweetspeak poetry

Charlotte Innes ~ Descanso Drive
North of Oxford

Marianne Smith Johnson ~ Tender Collisions
Mom Egg Review

Charlotte Mandel ~ Alive & In Use: Poems in the Japanese Form of Haibun
Washington Independent Review of Books July 2019 Exemplars

Rita Maria Martinez ~ The Jane and Bertha in Me
The Best Brontë Books of 2018
Bonnets at Dawn podcast
Lay Back and Think of England podcast

Andrea Potos ~ Mothershell
Jama's Alphabet Soup (Long Review)
Jama's Alphabet Soup (Short Review)
Mom Egg Review

Christine Potter ~ Unforgetting

Nancy Scott ~ Midwestern Memories
Wild Goose Poetry Review

Sarah Dickenson Snyder ~ The Human Contract
Mom Egg Review
Mothers Always Write

J.R. Solonche ~ If You Should See Me Walking On the Road

Elizabeth Spragins ~ The Language of Bones

Donna Baier Stein ~ Letting Rain Have Its Say
Crab Orchard Review August 2019 (p.12-13)

Sarah Stern ~ We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune
Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb
Compulsive Reader
Riverdale Press
The New York Jewish Week

Lisa Stice ~ Uniform
Military Spouse Book Review – Review by Kathleen M. Rogers
Military Spouse Book Review – Reviews of Wartime Poetry
Mom Egg Review
Red Bull Rising
The Independent Summer Reading List

Judy Swann ~ Fool

Anton Yakovlev ~ Ordinary Impalers
Don Yorty blog
North of Oxford
Schuylkill Valley Journal

Andrena Zawinski ~ Landings
The Los Angeles Review
Vimeo audio
Wombwell Rainbow interview