Pushcart Prize Nominations


Pushcart Prize Nominations


Randal A. Burd, Jr. ~ Humblest Apologies

from Memoirs of a Witness Tree 


Richard Holinger ~ Treasure

from North of Crivitz 


Andrew Jones ~ Mixtape Composition

 from Liner Notes


Tom Holmes ~ Hic Sunt Vaccas

from Material Matters


Peter Waldor ~ Two Stray Dogs

from Something About the Way 


Gilbert Allen ~ Lost and Found

from Believing in Two Bodies



Anna Evans ~ The Villanelle's Villanelle

from Love Affairs at the Villa Nelle


Carla Drysdale ~ Labyrinth

from  All Born Perfect


Caroline Shea ~ Unmaking

from Lambflesh


Melinda Rizzo ~ Ravens

from Late Snow and Hellbore


Cleveland Wall ~ Proof

from Let X=X


Erika Dreifus ~ A Single Woman of Valor

from Birthright



Javen Tanner ~ Eden

from The God Mask


Cristina Norcross ~ My Uterus Lives in Minnesota

from Beauty in the Broken Places


Tara Mae Mulroy ~ To Love a Lamb

from Swallow


Susan Roney-O’Brien ~ 1953, Boston

from Bone Circle


Michele Bombardier ~ To the Father in My Clinic Who Said No Child

of His Could Have Autism and Never Returned

from What We Do

Sarah Stern ~ The Interview

from We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune