KB Poets MAY host a reading near you!

I'd like to give a shoutout to Volumes Bookcafe in Chicago for the "May" pun inspired by their newsletter's subject line: "It MAY be time for a new book!" 

Greetings! As you know from our previous blogs, Kelsay Books stacked up dynamic dual events this month. So here's a quick overview of all the information you need to attend our May reading in Newburyport, MA and open mic in NYC.

Exploring the book synopses linked to the name of each performing poet gives you a sense of the interconnected community these local writers have built. We're elated to invite you to be part of it, at our premier in-person events post-quarantine.

Not local? No problem! It's not too late to participate in our June 3rd online showcase. This page has what you need to get added to the program!


Thurs, May 11: Powow River Poets and Kelsay Books reading at Emma Andrews Library (Newburyport)



Sat, May 20: Kelsay Books Poets Open Mic at Parkside Lounge (New York City)

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