Aldrich Press

Guidelines for Aldrich Press

Aldrich Press accepts free verse poetry. Manuscripts are welcome year-round. Authors are expected to be widely published in magazines and journals.

Poets may submit 24-90 pages of poetry (to be published in a 6 x 9 glossy cover book).

All manuscripts should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Please do not insert page numbers, or anything on the page besides the title and poem.

Include in this order: Title page, Dedication, Acknowledgments, Poems, Biography.

Poets should include their name and address.

Manuscripts will be responded to within fourteen days.

The manuscript must be previously unpublished in book form.

All submissions must be accessible to a general audience; we do not publish writing that is intentionally obscure. We do not publish poetry that contains religious rants, pornographic, or violent stories. Please avoid using offensive language.

We require a reading fee on all unsolicited manuscripts of $20.00. Please include your paypal receipt number in the cover letter.

Please include a cover letter with your submission.

Books retail at $14.00-17.00. They have an ISBN number and are listed at Amazon and our own bookstore.

We offer 12% royalties on the retail sales of the books from Amazon and our own bookstore.

To view our editorial tastes in poetry, read our magazine The Orchards Poetry Journal. We are drawn to work that relies on strong, fresh imagery and metaphor. We love lyrical poetry. Our tastes are very eclectic; however, we may reject manuscripts with poems that require a special set up.

How to submit: type your name and manuscript title in the subject line of your email. Include a brief cover letter in the body of your email, attach your document. Include the Payopal reading free receipt number. Provide a marketing plan for your booksales.

Reading fee $20.00