A FRONTIER ROMANCE  “Tiger Bill and Kate”

A FRONTIER ROMANCE “Tiger Bill and Kate”

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Wendy Chapin Ford came late to the study of poetry, following a career of financial and corporate speechwriting. She studied, to bring to life through poetry, episodes from the lives of her great-grandparents, who were especially brave—and romantic—pioneers of early Wichita.

Wendy is grateful to have been able to study, these past several years, with Alfred Nicol and Rhina Espaillat, and with Bill Baer, at the Robert Frost Farm. Her poem, “Times Hard Beyond Telling” received an honorable mention for the Able Muse Write Prize for Poetry in 2018.

She has written two medical memoirs: the award-winning To Get Back HomeA Mysterious Disease: A Fight for Life, and Normalcy—How one family made it through a devastating diagnosis: A Primer for Dealing with Cancer.

A native Midwesterner, she has made her home for decades, with her family, in Massachusetts, and in Maine. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

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