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About the Author

M. Ann Reed offers the Bio-poetic Organic Unity Study of Literature in support of the Deep Ecology Movement for global and local academic students, some of whom publish. Awarded a doctorate in Theater Arts/Performance Studies, her continued education includes Jungian Psychology Studies. Her published literary essays are cited or remarked in journals of medicine, literature, and psychology. A Chinese calligrapher and brushpainter, her work has been exhibited in Oregon, New Mexico, and the Shenzhen Fine Arts Museum in China. University Press of America first published her book, Strange Kindness, co-authored with Mabel S. Chu Tow. When teaching overseas, she partnered with Paulann Petersen and Friends of William Stafford to offer William Stafford Birthday celebrations in Malaysia, Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Various literary arts journals are home to her poems: Antithesis, Azure, Burningword, Black Mountain Press, Eastern Iowa Review, Parabola, Proverse, Hong Kong, Psychological Perspectives, and The Poeming Pigeon. Finishing Line Press published her chapbook, making oxygen, remaining inside this pure hollow note.

About the Artist

Based in Nanjing, China, Chen Shuailang is a Chinese Rice Paper artist, sculptor, and space designer, holding an MA from Tsinghua University and a BA from Nanjing Normal University. She is a member of the Jiangsu Sculptor Association, an artist of the Youth Painter Academy of Nanjing Calligraphy and Painting Academy, and a cultural talent of Nanjing Bingyi Studio. Her creative works have participated in many exhibitions as follows: Jiangsu Modern Art Museum, Jinling Art Museum in Nanjing, Chinese Story Platform, Hehe Road Platform, Chinese National Academy of Arts in Beijing, Art Museum of Guangxi Normal University Press in Guilin, and Still Point Arts Gallery in USA. Her works and articles have been published in Contemporary Handcraft and Chamber of Commerce Newsletter in China, Still Point Arts Quarterly and Psychological Perspective in the USA, etc. Her Rain Flower Stone series, published by Shanti Arts, received their award of Uniqueness of Concept and Originality. She can be found @Chen Shuailang on Instagram.

Paperback: 72 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books (July 10, 2023)

Halcyone-Black Mountain Press: 64 Best Poets of 2018
Lazuli Literary Arts Group: 2018 Azure Poetry 1st Place
Oregon Poetry Association Contest: 2021 Honorable Mention