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Everyone A Bell

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S.B. Merrow is the author of the chapbook Unpacking the China (Quills Edge Press, 2016). Her poems have appeared in Salamander, Nimrod International Journal, The Tishman Review, Free State Review, Panoply, Passager, and other journals. A specialist in the field of Boston’s traditionally hand-made flutes, she restores and repairs concert flutes for professional flutists, and has contributed essays to The Flutist Quarterly. Originally from New England, she lives in Baltimore with her husband Robert Kanigel.


“Penetrating, reactive, desirous... with an eye for detail and with the hands of a startling poet.”

—Barrett Warner  

“Exquisitely composed poems from a gifted poet who...lives deeply with the question of what she can say that will last.”

—Kendra Kopelke  

“A literal literary tintinnabulation; every poem rings, chimes, and tolls the beautifully nuanced tones of this collection.”

—Nancy Mitchell


Paperback: 78 Pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books (February 25, 2020)

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