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Hallelujah Voices

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Marsha Mathews is a writer and educator living in Dalton, Georgia. In the 90s, she served for six years as an ordained pastor with the United Methodist Church. Most importantly, she raised two extraordinary daughters as a single parent and now has one granddaughter, an independent thinker, crazy about dogs and cats and babies.

Marsha’s poetry book Sunglow & A Tuft of Nottingham Lace won the Red Berry Editions 2011 Chapbook Award and was published and then nominated for a Georgia Author of the Year Award. Northbound Single-Lane, Marsha’s first book, was released by Finishing Line Press (2010) and is available at Amazon. Marsha has poems in two recent Indie-notable anthologies, Touching: Poems of Love, Longing, and Desire (www.fearlessbooks.com) and Child of my Child: Poems and Stories for Grandparents (www.LiteraryEnterprises.com).

In addition, Marsha’s work appears in recent issues of Dash, Inkwell Journal, Poetry in the Cathedral, The Raleigh Review, and Relief: A Christian Literary Expression. “More than a Mess of Greens,” her first published fiction, can be read in the Broad River Review. This novel excerpt was selected by Silas House as one of the top three fiction entries for the 2012 Rash Awards.

Marsha teaches writing and literature at Dalton State College where she is an advisor for the student literary magazine, Tributaries. She performs readings or holds creative writing workshops once each month.

Paperback: 44 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press (July 28, 2012)