Ocean’s Laughter

Ocean’s Laughter

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Tricia Knoll is an Oregon poet. For twenty-five years she owned a vacation rental in Manzanita, Oregon. Ocean’s Laughter records years of witness to environmental change on the coast and her love of this small town with a wide outlook on the Pacific Ocean.

She moved to the West Coast in 1972. For eight years she taught high school English in Portland. Then she served as the Public Relations Director of the Portland Children’s Museum. In 2007 she retired as the Public Information Director of the Portland Water Bureau. For the month of October 2005, she lived in New Orleans as part of a Portland Water Bureau response to help restore water service following Hurricane Katrina. The Portland crews lived in tents on a New Orleans Water and Sewer Board water tank site that had not flooded. She is FEMA-trained in emergency response communications. She picked up debris in Manzanita that floated onto the shore from the tsunami following the Fukishima earthquake in 2011.

Knoll’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Her chapbook Urban Wild (Finishing Line Press, 2014) focuses on the interactions of humans and wildlife in urban habitat.

She is an avid gardener of vegetables, roses and plants native to the Pacific Northwest. Knoll writes haiku, dances, runs and hula hoops as daily practices. She has run hundreds of miles on Manzanita’s beach.

Knoll has degrees in literature from Stanford University (B.A.) and Yale University (M.A.T.). She is grateful to the many poets with whom she has studied and from whom she received encouragement.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press (November 16, 2015)