Smoky Mountain Reveries

Smoky Mountain Reveries

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Michael L. Kuskin was born in Washington DC and grew up in nearby suburbia in Silver Spring, Md. After graduating Tufts University with a B. A., which included two years of study at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School, he completed one year post graduate work in the field of Social Work. Around this time Michael discovered his religious roots and began studying in a Rabbinical seminary where he spent approximately 6 years. It was this experience which sensitized him to the spiritual nature of man and the Divinity evident in nature through experiencing and contemplating its wonders.

Throughout his career as the Executive Director of charity organizations, he has incorporated his artistic and writing talents, producing close to a dozen illustrated, educational magazines for children and writing numerous articles which have appeared in various local and national media.

It was this background, combined with several trips to the pristine surroundings of the Smoky Mountains which led to the writing of this compilation of poetry. He continues to write poetry and paint in oils as an avocation where he lives in the state of New York.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press (May 5, 2016)