Some Notes on the Silence

Some Notes on the Silence

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Timothy Sandefur’s Some Notes on the Silence begins in an atmosphere of foreboding and self-censorship and then seeks an escape through the people and experiences of American history and culture—including everything from Daniel Webster to The Twilight Zone. In a variety of poetic forms, Sandefur examines the ideas and ideals, tragedy and humor, that have helped lead past generations through the challenges of their lives. “Timothy Sandefur’s poetic voice is as authentically American as any reader could hope to encounter,” concludes Jennifer Reeser.

A lawyer and author whose other works include biographies of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass and the scientist Jacob Bronowski, Sandefur lives in Phoenix, Arizona. This is his first collection of poems.

Praise for Some Notes on the Silence

Readers will find much delight in the intelligent, musical silence-soundings that follow and fill Timothy Sandefur’s first collection of poems... Savor its virtues: its insistent harmonies, its concise wit... Many such pleasures await in Timothy Sandefur's superb debut. ~Stephen Kampa

Timothy Sandefurs voice is as authentically American as any reader could hope to encounter... A fierce individualist, free in spirit, yet controlled in sensibility. ~Jennifer Reeser

Poems that display [Sandefurs] enormous intellectual and emotional range... He uses most of the poets toolbox with both elegant formal verse and taught free verse. Its a book to savor. ~A.M. Juster

Paperback: 68 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books (March 26, 2022)