The Heart Knows, Simply, What it Needs

The Heart Knows, Simply, What it Needs

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Martin Willitts Jr. retired as a Senior Librarian in upstate New York. He has been a professional oral storyteller, puppeteer, Jazz and Blues mandolin musician, and a “Science Magician.” He is a visual artist of Victorian and Chinese paper cutouts. He was nominated for 5 Pushcart and 2 Best Of The Net awards. He is a practicing Quaker reflecting in “Silent Meditation,” and although Emily Dickinson was not a Quaker, he shares Emily Dickinson’s belief in “being in the Presence” and referring to God as being the “Light.”

He has print chapbooks Falling In and Out of Love (Pudding House Publications, 2005), “Lowering Nets of Light” (Pudding House Publications, 2007), The Garden of French Horns” (Pudding House Publications, 2008), “Baskets of Tomorrow” (Flutter Press, 2009), “The Girl Who Sang Forth Horses” (Pudding House Publications, 2010), “Van Gogh’s Sunflowers for Cezanne” (Finishing Line Press, 2010), “Why Women Are A Ribbon Around A Bomb” (Last Automat, 2011), “Protest, Petition, Write, Speak: Matilda Joslyn Gage Poems” (Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, 2011), “Secrets No One Wants To Talk About” (Dos Madres Press, 2011), “How to Find Peace” (Kattywompus Press, 2012), and “No Special Favors” (Green Fuse Press, 2012). He has two full length books: The Secret Language of the Universe (March Street Press, 2006) and The Hummingbird (March Street Press, 2009).

His forthcoming chapbooks include “Playing The Pauses In The Absence Of Stars” (Main Street Rag, 2012), “Waiting For The Day To Open Its Wings” (UNBOUND Content, 2012), and “Art Is Always the Impression of What an Artist Sees” (Edgar and Lenore's Publishing House, 2012).

Paperback: 56 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press (August 29, 2012)