What Moves the Sun

What Moves the Sun

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Judith Werner writes with an unflinching, visceral realism that is hard to find in contemporary poetry, where style often seems to trump substance. Werner’s poems can be hard-hitting affairs, and may not be intended for tea parties and ice cream socials. But they are good—damn good—if you like the strong stuff and can take it straight, not watered down. Especially strong poems include “Panacea,” “Memento Mori” and “Still Born.” Peruse these poems online, and that will undoubtedly seal the deal.

—Michael R. Burch, Editor, The HyperTexts

What Moves the Sun (wonderful title) is a collection of Judith Werner's work that will give her deserved recognition and create a volume of lasting value in a society where good poetry is slow to be appreciated and benefits from being accessible. I do believe this will become a valued volume on many shelves for years to come and congratulate poet and publisher for their work.

—Ellen Peckham, AEVentures Foundation

Judith Werner is a poetic shapeshifter. She takes you with her to become a water creature or makes a pilgrimage in the guise of a unicorn, all the while weaving mystery with senses aswirl. Is this poetry or notes from a grimoire or both?

—Jean Mellichamp Milliken, Editor, The Lyric

Paperback: 102 pages
Publisher: Kelsay Books (January 2, 2017)