Would You Be Made Whole?

Would You Be Made Whole?

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Gregg Friedberg grew up in Columbus, Ohio, but for many years has lived in Upper Sandusky, a rural county seat, and nowadays spends half of each year in Guanajuato, Mexico where he participates in the bilingual arts-and-culture scene and gives regular readings.

Professionally he’s been a partner in a computer software company, writing applications for Ohio county government, but he has always written poetry and is happiest when writing sustained sequences, loosely but not conventionally narrative, treating a matrix of themes from an evolving perspective.

An example is The Best Seat Not in the House (Main Street Rag, 2010) which examines the vexed relationship between Creator and creature, whether God and man or author and protagonist.

In What’s Wrong, a longer sequence, the first-person narrator is a refugee from American marketing culture.

Friedberg is completing a collection of photographs with corresponding texts, The Artist’s Reception, the result of the black-and-white figure photography project he’s been working on the past several years. The texts, which also tell a story, incorporate some of the wittier comments that have been posted with the photos at the art site deviantart.com. Excerpts have appeared in the art magazines, Noisy Rain and Vitruvian Lens.

And for the past ten years Friedberg has been a member of Frank Bidart’s summer workshop at Skidmore College.

Paperback: 88 pages

Publisher: Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press (September 15, 2015)