Romance In The Air

The intimacy between artist and subject suggested by the collection’s title courses through the poems’ veins. Life drawing requires attentive observation and a willingness to commit to seeing that which is right in front of us. Like an artist’s attempts to reduce the complexity and changeability of a real-life scene to a single (undoubtedly flawed) interpretation of it, the poet’s task is similarly imperfect.

Daniel Clark, Co-Editor, Briefly Write

from "Control and chaos", a review of Kris Spencer's Life Drawing, which we published in December (Read Clark's response and interview with Spencer here)

 Cover art of Life Drawing by Kris Spencer depicts a woman in a green dress with braids kissing a woman in a pink dress, in mid-air as they are leaping to embrace over a city alley background with a sign that says "Kiss"


On Valentine's Day, we launched KBB to...crickets. Because the comments weren't enabled yet. Hold your applause no longer, our comments section is now open to anyone with a pulse and/or ethics and morals (bots and trolls still holding). Going forward, let's hear a little commotion for the poetry!

We had plenty to celebrate last month at Kelsay Books, and this month we have an abundance of news to share with you. Such as, KB now offers hardcover and e-book—all features fully enabled—options, in addition to our classic paperback chapbooks. No matter your preference, we love you all the same.

Love is in the air this spring, from The Orchards to NYC. Just this week, Briefly Write published a warm interview with Kelsay Books author Kris Spencer alongside a nice review of Spencer's debut collection, Life Drawing. When you are done reading it, stick around to find out when our journal submissions open, and how you can register for our upcoming readings.

Did I mention our fifteen new titles released in Feburary? Here they are: 

New Releases

  1. Dusk Janet Emig
  2. Paradise Reexamined Anita Pulier
  3. This Late Hour Burt Myers 
  4. Rhapsodies in Blue Sean Murphy 
  5. Lifeaholics Anonymous Neil Carpathios 
  6. The Big Indignity Peggy Gerber 
  7. The Death of Weinberg Walter Weinschenk 
  8. The Wordless Lullaby of Crickets Yvonne Zipter 
  9. Five Points South: Poems from an Alabama Pilgrimage Nancy Owen Nelson 
  10. The Other Side of Who I Am Kip Knott 
  11. Nostos Anastasia Vassos 
  12. Leatherwood Falls: Blue Ridge Mountain Poems Brenda Kay Ledford 
  13. Midwest Hymns Dale Cottingham 
  14. Bourbon and Branch Water Cedar Koons 
  15. Scribbled Lines: Life in Pieces Dr. Michael Roberts


We're celebrating Patricia Davis-Muffett's launch of Alchemy of Yeast and Tears this month, while Cedar Koons is on deck to host a reading in April. 

Plus, Kelsay Books is looking forward to three in-person readings this year! Stay tuned for details in the next blog and check out our NYC Open Mic announcement below.



Kelsay Books Saturday May 20, 2023 Poetry Reading at the Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston Street, New York, NY, United States. Open Mic for all Kelsay Books poets. Follow the link to sign up on the Facebook Events page.

Did you know?

Our journal of poetry and prose, The Orchards, opens for submissions tomorrow, March 15! Please review the guidelines hereWe nominate 3 poems from each issue for the Pushcart Prize, and two poems in each issue for The Grantchester Award (cash prizes). Submissions close June 15, 2023.


    Mark Saba reads selections from Flowers In The Dark
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